Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Across the line
Kožarić Studio: Works on paper and the other stuff

22.2.2013 – 24.3.2013

Curators: Radmila Iva Janković, Vladimir Čajkovac

The statement of Ivan Kožarić ‘I always present truth to the audience. I am naked and do not hide anything. I give all that is intimately happening within’ has proven to be true in its most literal sense. For Kožarić has kept almost nothing from the contents of his studio before the studio was sold. From artworks to private belongings, it was all part of the same creative chaos. The idea for this show has emerged from the intention to show a large portion of the opus that still remains unknown to the wider audience. The smaller portion of drawings, works on paper, but also some paintings and prints on varied surfaces including textile or gesso boards, was on display when the Studio was transferred to Zvonimir Gallery, along with the artist, of course, who temporarily changed his address and continued his work at the gallery venue.

In 2002, his studio changed address once again: it was moved to Kassel for Documenta 11, down to the last artefact. The majority of works on paper and other surfaces however remained scattered and piled up; closed in cardboard maps or inside the furniture. The decision to present the works Kožarić, known primarily as a sculptor, in different media, including sketches, notes for sculpture displays, drawing-palimpsests, concepts for projects finished and unfinished offered the possibility of taking a closer look into a creative process of an artist whose art philosophy has meant being constantly at variance with oneself, continually starting from the beginning both of which have become synonymous with the vitality and boundless creative energy of the artist called Bright Sisyphus.

© MSU Zagreb, Photo: Tomislav Šmider and Filip Zimažarić_postav (3).jpgžarić_postav (6).jpgžarić_postav (43).jpgžarić_postav (42).jpgžarić_postav (7).jpgžarić_postav (4).jpgžarić_postav (38).jpgžarić_postav (37).jpgžarić_postav (35).jpgžarić_postav (33).jpgžarić_postav (32).jpgžarić_postav (31).jpgžarić_postav (29).jpgžarić_postav (26).jpgžarić_postav (36).jpgžarić_postav (25).jpgžarić_postav (24).jpgžarić_postav (20).jpgžarić_postav (18).jpgžarić_postav (16).jpgžarić_postav (15).jpgžarić_postav (14).jpgžarić_postav (13).jpgžarić_postav (12).jpgžarić_postav (11).jpg