Dandelion: Postgraduate Arts Journal and Research Network. 7(1), (2016).
Ted Kerr
AIDS: Based on a True Story

... The first wave was about telling a history that was not being told, the second and third waves then seem to be an exploration of how the past is in conversation with the present and an important coda around how issues including and beyond sexuality impact the AIDS crisis.

It seems important to underline, give the theme of this issue, that I don’t think the AIDS Crisis Revisitation is in of itself an exercise in nostalgia, nor would I suggest nostalgia can be understand as being good or bad, productive or not. Rather, nostalgia is complex. Within the Revisitation nostalgia is at play. It stems from the notion of aching for home...

Kerr, T . (2016) “'AIDS - Based on a True Story'”, Dandelion: Postgraduate Arts Journal and Research Network. 7(1).

Ted Kerr
Theodore (ted) Kerr is: a free spirit / writer / Brooklyn-based writer / organizer / Canadian-born / / HIV/AIDS / thinker // the programs manager with Visual AIDS / Union Theological Seminary / Christian Ethics and HIV researcher...
January 2016 he was residence at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden in conjunction with the exhibition "AIDS – Based on a True Story"